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Grub Control

Our grub control prevents grubs before they can get established.  One application from us will last a whole year, so if you have struggled with grub damage in your lawn before they you'll love how great and easy we make it to stop that from happening again.


Mole Removal

Our mole program gets rid of the majority of moles at a very reasonable cost.  At each visit we will inspect your lawn for mole activity, analyze the tunnels they make, and strategically place bait under the ground directly into their tunnels.  Contact for pricing on this service.  

Core Aeration

Due to summer's stressful weather, some lawns enter fall stressed or thin. Core aeration helps struggling roots recover, but it also allows us to spread new seed on these areas to thicken up damaged turf. Some lawns benefit greatly from this service.

Soil Testing

We offer soil testing to check the nutrient levels in your lawn as well as the Ph.  While most companies just spread fertilizer and move on, we want to know what your soil actually needs and because we custom blend our fertilizer we can tailor it to meet those needs.


Lime & Sulfur Applications

We offer these applications after a PH test has been completed. These additional nutrients can make a world of difference in your lawn.  The fertilizer program is like the gas in the tank for your car, but the ph level is like checking the oil.  You don't notice it right away but keeping it right can avoid some major headaches.


Perimeter Pest Control

Ants, termites, bees, spiders, and many other bugs getting into or crawling on the house can cause serious damage as well as frustration.  We can spray a barrier around your house to stop them before they become a problem, and for a lot less than the other guys.


Some companies do as many as eight treatments on your lawn every year. By using our higher quality products and taking the time to do it right at each treatment we've designed our five step program to out perform theirs, and it saves you money!

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