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Environmentally responsible isn't just something we say, it's something we do.  Here's how:

With our applicators

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The best products and ideas in the world mean nothing if the people doing the work aren't good too.  We are committed to what we do as more than just a job, and we take your safety as well as ours seriously.  We are all licensed and trained, but more than that is the fact that we care.  Every morning before treating lawns we meet together to discuss our work for the day and pray about it too.  Good people do good work and I believe the guys here are the best around.    

With our weed killer

Instead of buying a generic weed killer we custom blend the ingredients that work well in our area and skip the ones that don't.  We also spot treat whenever we can, so spray just the weeds, not the whole lawn.  As for the safety of the weed killer itself, we are around it more than anyone so we find products that are tough on weeds, not on the people around them.  With our weed killer you can be back out enjoying the lawn as soon as it's dry, which is usually 5 to15 minutes.  We have never had an injury from our weed killer and we try very hard to keep it that way!

With our fertilizer

We spend a lot of time and energy getting the specific ingredients in our fertilizer fine tuned to meet the needs of our local soils.  This means we aren't just spreading whatever nutrients come in the bag, but specially blending more of what your lawn actually needs and less of what it doesn't.  We also have a slow release coating put on it so it lasts longer and gives the lawn a steady feeding.  Weather plays a big role in how the nutrients act in the soil too, and our blend gets tweaked almost every week to compensate for the conditions we see here.  When it gets hot and dry we use products that won't burn the grass and when it gets cool and rainy we use nutrients that will help the lawn fight off the diseases that come with that weather. 


Contact us today for a consultation on what services your lawn could benefit from!

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